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For Employers

For Employers

Cahrus is the next generation of benefits administration platform – we make it easy for you to provide excellent service and education to your employees.

Why Cahrus?

We help our customers with the most advanced benefits administration technology solutions available today.

From reporting to real-time integrations, Cahrus offers the solutions that make enrolling in benefits simple and understandable to any participant.

What’s different about Cahrus?

Other benefits administration firms are still using software developed twenty or more years ago. It’s complicated, error-prone, and requires manual intervention to manage your data. Cahrus provides a fresh, modern approach to manage even the most complex plans and populations. We developed tools to reduce errors and process your data correctly.

Cahrus offers a clean, mobile-friendly interface. We’re in the cloud and offer a simple way to configure and administer your benefits and support your business. Your participants will appreciate the clean and easy-to-navigate system.

The Cahrus system is easy to operate – changing benefits programs, service providers, participation rules, and more, can all be done through a simple question-and-answer process. No more expensive change orders!

Contact us to see how you can modernize your benefits administration. We’re the future of benefits administration technology, available today.

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